13 Frequently asked ‘Wedding Photography’ questions

Below you will find some of the most often asked questions we get asked during our initial consultations. Please Get in touch if you have any others…

Can you explain your style and approach to wedding photography?
I specialise in ‘True’ Documentary/Reportage wedding photography – I take an unlimited number of pictures, which will tell the ‘real’ story of your wedding day. My unique style of Natural, Relaxed Wedding Photography is a welcome alternative to the traditional ‘staged’ photography so often associated with weddings. With careful use of natural light, composition and space, combined with a genuine  documentary style, I capture the true events throughout the day in real time, without you having to spend hours smiling at the camera. A large percentage of the pictures I take at a wedding are captured without the subjects even being aware of the camera. Because of this low-key approach, my clients can get on and enjoy their day without having to worrying about the photography. You set the agenda for your wedding day and I will fit in, working quickly and quietly, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy your day with family and friends – as it should be…!!!
So, will you take some family groups?
Although my style is to document the day, we do understand that most clients do require some informal family groups. We recommend 4-6 groups which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, but this varies from client to client. If you think you may want more or less groups than this that’s fine, you decide on the balance when we discuss this at your pre-wedding consultation.
Do you take colour images?
Of course, everything is taken in colour on the day, so you have the best of both worlds. Although I am known for my black & white images, most of our albums contain colour images also. Colour is used for scene setting pictures, details and formal groups, the rest of the day is usually in black & white. The ratio can vary according to individual client taste, but is usually around 50-60% b&w.
Our wedding is not local, are you happy to travel?
I often shoot weddings all over the UK and love to travel. I’m based fairly centrally in the country, so getting anywhere is never a problem.
We live quite a distance from you, do we have to meet?
It’s always nice to meet my clients before the big day, however I completely understand if you can’t find the time due to distance/work, etc. Most of my clients are very busy people, in fact for about 50% of the weddings I shoot, I only meet the couple for the first time on the morning of the wedding. Some evening appointments are available if that helps, we can also plan a Skype call so at least we can see/chat with each other. And if you choose an album, these can be posted to you for a standard charge of £20, this covers P&P and insured next day delivery.
I don’t like having my picture taken, how do you deal with that?
You would be surprised how many of my clients say this, however the way I work on the day means that you will be unaware of 90% of the pictures I am taking. Most of my clients remark after the wedding that they actually forgot I was still there and just got on with having fun.
Are you a full time photographer?
I have been a full time wedding photographer for 24 years and have photographed over 400+ weddings. Contrary to popular belief (including my wife), wedding photographers don’t just work at the weekend. Shooting weddings can only be a full time job, as each wedding takes around 40 hours to organise, proof, design albums, prep images and assemble albums.
Does it matter if you haven’t worked at my wedding venue before?
I regularly shoot at venues I’ve never visited before, it doesn’t make a great deal of difference. If anything I prefer it as I am seeing the venue through fresh eyes and not using the same locations. The most important thing for me is to concentrate on the people, besides I always arrive in time to have a quick recce!
Do you use an assistant photographer?
I firmly believe shooting solo is a distinct advantage… I don’t employ second shooters as couples commission me and my style, and because they desire a discreet coverage. Being discreet is very tough to achieve when you and your guests feel they’re being ‘papped’ from all sides.
Can my guests take photos/video at my wedding?
Of course they can, it’s not my wedding day – I encourage guests to take as many pictures or videos as they want. I’m there to do a job, not to impose my will on anyone.
My wedding is in winter, is that a problem?
I shoot a lot of winter weddings. Some photographers seem to shy away from winter weddings worrying about the low light levels. As a professional wedding photographer low light should not be a major problem, I thrive on the challenge and produce some of my best images at this time of year.
Do you cover civil partnerships/same sex weddings?
I am more than happy to photograph, and have photographed weddings of all faiths and religions as well as Gay & Lesbian weddings, also known as Same Sex Marriages, Civil Partnerships or Pink Weddings.
I guess you will need to eat on the day, do we feed you?
You would be surprised how often I get asked this! My answer is – if I am shooting for more than 6 hours I will need to eat/drink something to keep me from collapsing. If you choose to feed me, that is very much appreciated, if not, I am quite happy to sort my own eating arrangements. I generally eat in a separate room during the reception while I am backing up images to the laptop.
So how does the whole process work?
Ok, we start off with the enquiry and if I am available – I will send you a link to our pricing page & booking information. If you like what you see and want to secure the date, a booking fee of £450 is required. You can pay this immediately over the phone to secure your preferred date, then arrange a meeting. If you would prefer to meet first (I completely understand) we can arrange a meeting asap. Once booked, the date is entered into the diary and subsequent enquiries are turned away, for that reason booking fees are non-refundable. We can then meet or chat again prior to your wedding to confirm details/timings, etc. Before I leave on the day, all the images are copied to a second device to ensure maximum safety. In the following days/weeks all the images receive an edit to remove duplicates, blinks, missed expressions, etc. Approximately 4 weeks after the wedding, a link and password is emailed for you to view and choose your album images. Once I have your image order, the album layout is designed, albums and prints are then ordered and assembled before final quality control, this usually takes 4-6 weeks. If I am just supplying High-Res. images on USB, these can usually be ready within 4 weeks after the wedding. If you choose an album, this can be posted for a standard charge of £20, this covers P&P and insured next day delivery.
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