BLACK & WHITE Wedding Photographer

Ok, if you have got this far into my website, or you have seen my work before, you will see that I have a huge love for black and white photography. Especially black and white wedding photography.

Do you also shoot colour images?

… is a question I often get asked by prospective clients after viewing my site. Everything is captured in colour on the day, so you have the best of both worlds – and although my black and white work is very important in my wedding photography (around 50-60% of my finished images are black and white), there is of course a place for colour images too.
As a wedding photographer I have a responsibility to ensure that the photographs I capture on a wedding day, are correctly exposed, using available light and have good composition and story telling elements. Whether the final image is black and white or colour, these elements are still my main goal.
However, when I am shooting a wedding, I am mostly looking for the light and the ‘moment’. These emotional elements within an image are definitely felt much more by the viewer in black and white, as we are discarding the colour distractions.

B&W vs Colour

My general rule of thumb, when it comes to b&w vs colour wedding photographs, is if the image is about colour, or colour is a predominant feature in the image, then it will probably remain in colour.

However, if an image has a strong emotional element or contains human interaction, then I tend to see it from a Black & White point of view, eliminating the distraction of colour and concentrating on the ‘moment’.

A great example below, colour elements distracting from the ‘moment’ – move your mouse left & right to see…


To see more of my B&W wedding images, visit the portfolio...

and of course, some colour ones too !!!