Candid Wedding Photographer

If you google the word ‘candid’ you will get the following…

1. truthful and straightforward; frank

2. (a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge – “it is better to let the photographer mingle among the guests and take candid shots”

I passionately believe that, what my clients should remember on their wedding day is the emotional connection with their family and friends and not the time spent with the photographer. Ultimately my job is to deliver ‘candid wedding photography’ images that trigger those memories and tells the ‘real’ story of their wedding. 

I am, and always have been a true Candid Wedding Photographer; documentary and photo-journalistic in style. Preferring to capture what ACTUALLY happens on a wedding day, after all, who wants an album full of boring cheesy poses that tells you nothing about the day at all???

You can read more about my candid wedding photography style – although my style is to document the day, this doesn’t mean that I won’t capture those key details such as the dress, shoes, flowers, table decorations and of course I’m more than happy shoot a small amount of formal shots too (if you want them).

The image above is a perfect example of what i am talking about – this ‘genuine’ candid moment would not have happened this way had the couple been aware of my presence, or (god forbid) I told them to kiss…!!!

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