From the Archives – The Light

From the Archives – The Light

This is one of those images that at the time seems just ‘too good to be true’ – as it all came together without any interaction (as always) from me. I spend a huge part of a wedding day looking for the light, all professional photographers should know about light, composition and the moment  – and its often the light that I have to work hardest for when shooting as a ‘genuine’ Candid Wedding Photographer.

In this case, I was shooting in harsh summer sun at the fabulous Renishaw Hall in Sheffield, the guests had all made their way into the marquee as the bride & groom had their first couple of minutes to themselves as husband & wife.

Without getting too technical, it involves quickly changing some camera settings (notably the metering) ensuring the camera doesn’t underexpose the image due to the strong back lighting.

I really love looking at this wedding picture for a couple of reasons; of course, the light is lovely and has allowed the couple to “pop” due to the sun rim lighting them, (which is a powerful feature of the photograph) but also I love the grooms expression as the bride gently strokes her husbands face.


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