From the Archives – Lost Rings…

Lost Rings…!!!

I really love this image for it’s storytelling quality. I remember taking the shot, and thinking to myself what’s wrong with the best-man?

Touch, Eye Contact, Humour & Emotion….. is what I spend a wedding day looking for. They are present at every wedding, you just have to look for them. And it’s my job as a documentary wedding photographer to capture those moments.

This particular image was shot just before the ceremony…. way back in June 2009. As it turns out, the best-man had just pulled the ring box out of his pocket and realised the rings were NOT in the box… AAAARGH…!!!

The groom and the groom’s mother thought it was funny, unfortunately when the bride was told she had to use the vicars ring to complete the ceremony, she wasn’t quite as amused.

For me, at that moment, that’s where the story is. A moment they will laugh/cry about for years.

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