What is a Reportage Wedding Photographer?

A bit about me and my style…

If you look at my wedding photography on this website, you will see that my work is very different to that of the ‘traditional’ wedding photographer. It is all about capturing what really happens on a wedding day…
Hi, I’m Andrew – a full-time professional documentary wedding photographer based in Scunthorpe – North Lincolnshire, covering weddings across the UK. I have photographed over 400+ weddings, and specialise in ‘genuine’ Documentary/Reportage Wedding Photography.
Trends in wedding photography come and go, but my challenge is to produce for you a beautiful set of timeless images that tell the story of your wedding. My unique documentary style is an alternative to the traditional ‘staged’ photography so often associated with weddings. With careful use of natural light, composition & storytelling, combined with a contemporary documentary style, I capture the true events throughout the day in real time. I promise not to tell you what to do, where to stand or tell you to ‘smile’ – in fact I won’t direct you in any way whatsoever…! However, don’t worry there is always time for a few family groups (see below)
After all it is ‘your’ day, not mine…!
The vast majority of the pictures I take at weddings are captured without the subjects even being aware of the camera, and because of this low-key approach, my clients can get on and enjoy their day without having to worrying about the photography. You set the agenda for your wedding day and I will fit in, working quickly and quietly, ensuring your time is spent enjoying the day with family & friends.
I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but it really is important for me to just turn up, simply see and quietly document your special day without disrupting in any way! There are a number of ‘buzz-words’ flying around at the moment on a lot of photographers website’s describing this style of photography; Wedding Photojournalism, Documentary Wedding Photography and Reportage Wedding Photography. In my opinion, they are all basically the same thing, a style of photography that is natural, non-intrusive and most importantly ALL about capturing the decisive moment – nothing more, nothing less!
However, although my style is to document the day, I do understand that most clients will require some formal family groups. We recommend 4-6 groups which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete, but this varies from client to client.
Is it Genuine?
There are countless photographers out there declaring themselves as ‘Documentary or Reportage Wedding Photographers’, however it’s not quite as easy to do well as it might first seem. Their website’s are often full of controlled and overly posed images made to ‘look’ natural, then there’s the photographer who shoots 2000 images in the hope of getting some good ones and ending up with just a bunch of ‘snaps’ and calling it photojournalism.
I love to capture natural images of people, and weddings are the perfect environment to do so! I am completely self taught, taking my inspiration from street/war photographers such as Vivian Maier | Don McCullin | James Natchway. I am an award winning wedding photographer – over the years I have won a number of the Fuji and Kodak awards, but I don’t make a big deal about it, because quite frankly most people don’t care and as long as my clients like my work, I’m happy! Although I am based in North Lincolnshire, I am more than happy to and regularly do take wedding commissions all across the UK.
A few things you probably don’t know about me…
    • I am 52 years old (when did that happen)
    • I am married to Alison, and have 4 children
    • I ran the Humber marathon in 3 hours 50 mins
    • I play and have a collection of electric guitars
    • I love my Fender Strat
    • I regularly workout at the gym
  • I am currently working towards my Black belt in Judo
  • And, did I mention that I absolutely LOVE capturing all the fun and emotion of a wedding day !!!
  • and this is me…

In my Karate days on Santa Barbara beach (c1994). Can’t do that now!!

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