Reportage Wedding Photography – Lincolnshire

There are a number of ‘buzz-words’ flying around at the moment on a lot of photographers website’s describing this style of photography; Wedding Photojournalism, Documentary Wedding Photography, Reportage Wedding Photographer and Candid Wedding Photography. In my opinion, they are all basically the same thing, a style of photography that is genuinely natural, non-intrusive and most importantly ALL about capturing the decisive moment – nothing more, nothing less!

It’s certainly not – simply standing 50 metres away and snapping 1000 random head-shots of people smiling or drinking champagne – just because the subject is not looking at the camera, that also does not make it Reportage Photography. And lastly, the worst kind of Reportage Wedding Photography – posing people, then telling them to not look at the camera and just “look natural”. Anyone who is shooting weddings like this and advertising themselves as a “reportage wedding photographer” or “documentary wedding photographer” may be good at what they do, but don’t be fooled it is certainly NOT Reportage Wedding Photography in the true sense.

‘Genuine’ Documentary or Reportage Wedding Photography should tell a story using photographs – the images should be good enough in their own right and tell their own individual stories, but together should also contribute to create the complete story of the wedding day. The subjects should be shown in context of the day, interacting physically & emotionally with each other – sympathetically captured to create careful & unobtrusive moments to trigger those memories…!

If you are getting married and looking for a ‘Genuine’ Reportage Wedding Photographer, one who document the real story of your day without any fuss – then please get in touch we would love to hear your plans…

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