Reportage Wedding Photographer

As a Reportage Wedding photographer here are a selection of my favourite images, taken from the last few of years. They are not your traditional wedding pictures, but rather images that hopefully tell a story from a moment in time… as I really believe it’s my job to Capture images, rather than create them…! 
Each image should convey a feeling of what was happening at the precise moment I chose to press the shutter. A kiss, a laugh, a tear, a reassuring touch or a look, are what makes an image timeless & memorable, and hopefully you will ‘see’ it too…!!!
The four W’s…
What – Where – When and Why, are major elements that are paramount to creating ‘genuine’ successful reportage wedding photography. Take the images below – how many of the four W’s can you see…?

Colour Wedding Photography by Andrew Fletcher

The Best Man's Wedding Speech | Andrew Fletcher Photographer

The First Dance at Hodsock Priory by Andrew Fletcher Photography

The Brides Arrival in Church by Andrew Fletcher Phtographer

The First Dance at Capesthorne Hall by Andrew Fletcher Photography

So this is my style – genuinely Natural, Candid and storytelling! To my mind they all mean the same thing… a mindset that believes that by ‘documenting rather than dictating’ a wedding day is the best way.
If you getting married and would like to know more about my Reportage Wedding Photography including availability and pricing, please get in touch!

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