‘Genuine’ Documentary Wedding Photographer

Shooting weddings across Lincolnshire & the UK – creating natural wedding images for over 20 years.

If you are new to me or this site, please take a few minutes to view some of the most important pages like… GalleryFavourite images, About Andrew and of course our Prices. I have always been a advocate of ‘Genuine’ Documentary Wedding Photography – also termed ReportageCandid and Wedding Photojournalist. In my opinion, they are all basically the same thing, a style of photography that is genuinely natural, non-intrusive and most importantly ALL about capturing the decisive moment – nothing more, nothing less! What this means in essence, is that I quickly and quietly capture what actually happens at a wedding, rather than a bunch of posed images that tells the viewer nothing about really happened on the day!
‘Genuine’ Documentary or Reportage Wedding Photography should tell a story using photographs – the images should be good enough in their own right and tell their own individual stories, but together should also contribute to create the complete story of the wedding day. The subjects should be shown in context of the day, interacting physically & emotionally with each other – sympathetically captured to create careful & unobtrusive moments to trigger those memories…!
Do I still take some formal groups? and the answer is of course! I generally take 4-6 family groups which will take no more than 5 minutes to complete (but this varies from client to client).
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